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Chef Terry Matthews; Better Known to some as

"The BBQ Daddy" of BBQ Daddy Catering, located in Phoenix, AZ, is an authentic and accomplished chef. Chef Terry; has been a featured guest on multiple Television networks and media outlets. Along with several appearances on the Food Network and a Winner on the Food Network's #1 Competition Show, Chef Terry is in the process of launching his own unique culinary TV show. Chef has more than 18 years of experience cooking and entertaining. Within the past 8 years, chef has catered more than 1,000 weddings and special events, leaving a trail of thousands of satisfied customers.


Steaks and BBQ aficionado at your service! 

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 A native New Yorker, Chef Michael found his passion for cooking in the fields of Bell Port Long Island. At 14 years of age Michael landed a job in a restaurant and never looked back after graduating from Hotel and Restaurant Management school with honors.


Chef Michael went on to work for 3 major hotel chains in management – Hyatt Regency, Hilton International, and Marriott.


Restaurateur/Chef Michael’s Back Street Café became the “ who's who,” in dining and served the public from 3 locations in the tri state area. Six years later chef landed in Arizona and opened the Cajun House and Emily's Restaurant in Scottsdale and recently became the founder and Executive Chef of Jamburritos, an award winning gourmet food truck.


“my philosophy about cooking is fresh ingredients, simple preparation methods, bold, with great service flavors leads to happy clients.”